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An over involved sister crashes her brothers Bachelor Party to make an inappropriate speech. Isabella wrote and starred in this comedic short.

Isabella joins the cast of the Southeastern premiere of  David Meyer's WE WILL NOT BE SILENT at Theatre Lab.

Isabella stars in "Homebody". A short horror film created by Melina Valdez and produced by 5th Floor Pictures


Isabella is currently in rehearsals as #25 in Sarah DeLappe's The Wolves at The Hippodrome Theatre.

Isabella co-stars in this short now premiering on Retrospective of Jupiter, click the poster to check it out!

"Baby Fever" Isabella Werber and Trevor Viner star in this silly sketch about babies, bagels and life's disappointments. .



Three college girls, home for winter break attend a party with their high school ex-boyfriends in attendance. Things get weird.

Isabella wrote/starred and directed this comedic short.


Wild Fire @ Comic Con in San Diego!

 Isabella stars in "Wildfire" directed by Collin Lockett. The short was awarded Best Humor Film at the Comic-Con International Independent Film Awards 2017.

Isabella is excited to have her piece "Melinda, Unhinged" selected and performed for the #OOMF, presented by Theatre Lab.